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  • RT @jayplaysthings: Before Blizzcon, I visited the Overwatch offices and learned all about how they made Ashe! https://t.co/vidnfIHuNt 15/Nov/2018 14:11:45
  • RT @Crazyreyn: I got Eurogamer's biggest Pokémon fans @ChrisTapsell @GoneEFK and @tomphillipsEG together to chat about Pokémon Go's terrifi… 15/Nov/2018 13:01:15
  • @cymrogav @ultrabrilliant Here to make another quick buck 15/Nov/2018 10:32:49
  • RT @NianticLabs: We can’t wait to bring the magic of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to you in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest updates! https:/… 14/Nov/2018 14:15:28
  • RT @HPWizardsUnite: It’s up to you to protect the wizarding world. Enlist immediately for the Statute of Secrecy Task Force: https://t.co/b… 14/Nov/2018 14:14:38
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