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  • @SayemAhmd Hey! We’re just trying to get in contact to give code - any particular email address we should hit you on? 14/Aug/2018 11:05:43
  • RT @Polygon: Gris is an upcoming platformer that looks like a watercolor painting in motion — and demands attention: https://t.co/v890jyOEA… 13/Aug/2018 14:36:49
  • RT @ForkParker: Video games are art. [for real this time] https://t.co/03JbCOiKWQ 13/Aug/2018 14:33:17
  • RT @nintendolife: Devolver Digital Announces Gris, A Beautiful Puzzle-Platformer Coming To Switch https://t.co/Z0xppZnIVL #NintendoSwitch h… 13/Aug/2018 14:30:20
  • All part of the plan https://t.co/Ewl1hSj89o 13/Aug/2018 14:23:46
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