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  • RT @BCHezza: yay some @Kotaku_UK love 😍 https://t.co/klCtDRGVSX 17/Jan/2017 17:23:45
  • RT @GreyAlien: Ooh Shadowhand made the grade. Exciting! https://t.co/2xWgRlDQdR 17/Jan/2017 17:12:01
  • @Shakacarnage @MCVonline Oh you 17/Jan/2017 16:21:14
  • We’ve been selected as a finalist at the @MCVonline awards! Good luck to our fellow nominees. Roll on March 9th... https://t.co/tiNksDzQTU 17/Jan/2017 16:15:58
  • RT @EGX: Tactical RPG City of the Shroud by @AbyssalArts will be playable at EGX Rezzed! https://t.co/hTr5gIjA2s #EGX #Rezzed https://t.co/… 17/Jan/2017 11:02:14
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