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  • Great to see Songbringer from @wizard_fu & @DoubleElevenLtd featured in @rockpapershot’s 2017 Advent Calendar! "Ju… https://t.co/0XafcsilcF 18/Dec/2017 15:26:28
  • @EnterElysium @CFGmain @GamereactorUK Will do! We’ll definitely be doing more with it in the new year, so keep an eye out for us ;-) 18/Dec/2017 15:16:35
  • @EnterElysium @CFGmain @GamereactorUK We are indeed! 18/Dec/2017 14:12:35
  • RT @pcgamer: Stories Untold shows we need more anthology series in games: https://t.co/gWUyDFh3U4 https://t.co/cLAXtb5Rrv 18/Dec/2017 14:12:08
  • "We want this game to be, first of all, bigger, richer, and have more content" - Hard West developers @CFGmain talk… https://t.co/ihzWMcBd7u 18/Dec/2017 14:01:35
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