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  • This weekend in EVE Online the first Citadel (Death Star) ever built by players is gonna get REKT. By other players. https://t.co/a2lsXc359j 08/Dec/2016 11:57:41
  • The Titans have arrived. https://t.co/0KTcwcxM1h 08/Dec/2016 11:08:03
  • Friend of IP & certified G @patlike’s debut novel ‘Deg’ is out now & we think you should add it to your Xmas list. https://t.co/1PU9QwXrcw 08/Dec/2016 09:49:02
  • @VG_Dave BOOM 07/Dec/2016 17:23:31
  • @VG_Dave I'll give you this bit of AC news as a parting gift https://t.co/8uBMaWo2tF 07/Dec/2016 17:17:47
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