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  • @RizzleKicks Hey guys!How would you like to come down to #EGX?Try loads of huge games before they're released? http://t.co/2RUTMpIhUU 01/Sep/2014 12:37:48
  • Hey @danisnotonfire how would you and @AmazingPhil fancy coming to #EGX? Try out Oculus Rift :) Check it out: http://t.co/2RUTMpIhUU 01/Sep/2014 12:12:38
  • Anyone headed to #PAXPrime2014 ? 20/Aug/2014 14:49:14
  • Amazing Hotline Miami 'Jacket' figure has almost hit its Kickstarter target after less than 24hrs! @devolverdigital https://t.co/ZgvhwZKJfI 19/Aug/2014 10:46:14
  • Tired Souls. @acidnerve #gamescom2014 http://t.co/5LIglUB9Ui 15/Aug/2014 17:09:06
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