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  • RT @shahidkamal: Lovely to finally meet @imrejele *and* @georgbacker today. As well as the lovely Henrique from Bossa Studios. Lovely studi… 17/Apr/2014 16:34:28
  • @grim1011 Phones down. Have you talked to someone now? 16/Apr/2014 16:48:00
  • Hey guys, having a bit of trouble with phone gremlins this morning, so if you need to reach us please give us a call on our mobiles! 16/Apr/2014 09:19:16
  • RT @bossastudios: HUGE THANKS to our friends at @indigopearluk for this amazing #Easter gift. You guys n gals have class. <3 http://t.co/TO… 15/Apr/2014 11:33:47
  • Hey SJ-just emailed you-have an exciting idea for @STYLATORARMY :) 14/Apr/2014 12:24:22
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